breakaway from wordly beliefs

Breakaway from
wordly beliefs

with tracy wren

Faith Mindset

Transform and renew

transform and renew 

Faith Mindset

Renew your mind. 
Transform Your Life.

Detach from the world's way of mindset practices that keep you stuck in bondage.   

Renew your mindset to let go of false rooted beliefs, and finally break free from the lies and deception that had control over you for far too long.

I want in on the
Faith Mindset Course

New age trends have saturated the minds of many, even unknowingly.

Down to the way we think, the thoughts we hold, what we watch, what we bring in our homes and how we show up in our every day lives. 

These dangerous teachings have led many astray. This course is for those ready to take on the next step to transitioning out of all new age thought and worldly belief practices.

This course will take you step by step of auditing every aspect of your mindset,
your marriage, friendships, your parenting, and everything in between to make sure that the world's way of thinking is completely removed from your life so you can be transformed by partnering with God moving forward breaking free from the new age.

I get it, I’m Tracy Wren. Jesus-follower, Wife, Mom to 3, and ex-new age entrepreneur.

I’m a business and mindset coach for Jesus followers and ex-new agers. I’m also the founder of the Faith to Freedom® Podcast. 

Before stepping into my coaching business full-time, I climbed the ladder of worldly success in a demanding marketing career working alongside award-winning authors and well-known online marketing gurus where I helped hundreds of small business owners with online marketing, using new-age and worldly practices.

God revealed His truth to me after the passing of my best friend. Now, I walk other Christians through the transition process breaking free from worldly beliefs, guiding you to have a God-led business and mindset. 

one of a kind course for Christians and ex new agers who want God at the center of their lives and are ready to renew every aspect of the their mindset, God’s way. 

This course is different than anything you’ve ever seen because your progress in renewing your mindset and beliefs are not solely dependent on you. We are called to follow God's Word and have wise counsel. 

You don't have to do this alone.
There's an easier way. 

Everything you need all in once place. Inside this course is the exact process I have taken myself and many others through to break free from old thought patterns. 

This course helps you navigate the process of mind renewal with a step by step approach. Get ready to rewire your mind and reset your entire life so you can finally walk into the woman God called you to be for such a time like this.


Faith To Freedom® Mindset Framework


I want in on the Faith Mindset Course